About Us

Soul Shine was founded in 2014 by Martina and Todd Schmidt. Like many others, they felt the calling of Sedona’s healing energy and sought to create a venue to share Martina’s artwork. Over the years, they filled Soul Shine with original artwork, handmade jewelry, beautifully re-purposed furniture and up-cycled items until the summer of 2022 when they lovingly transferred ownership to me, Tara Inanna.

I feel truly blessed to receive this beautiful opportunity. I have spent the last 15+ years reading and studying the art of tarot, various astrologies, ancient religions and civilizations, crystal and herb energies, sacred geometry as well as the science of our bodies, psyches and chakras. In 2015, I felt compelled to follow a more meaningful career path than the one I was currently on so I left my day job in accounting to join the 2016 Bernie Sanders presidential campaign. Bernie’s message of economic, racial and gender equality spoke to me on a soul level, so for six years I fought to bring his message, whether from him or someone else, to the forefront of American politics. As people well know, not everyone wants an inclusive world so after many wins and many losses, my soul was tired. It was time to move on and focus my energies inward and on an individual community level rather than a national level.

I am in the shop every weekend and would love to meet you and speak with you regarding whatever brought you to Sedona and drew you into my store. If you can’t make it to Sedona, shoot me an email. We all need a little peace, healing, and knowledge, I hope either I can help you find it or maybe you can help me. <3